Rules and Gameplay

Story of Corporatopoly

Hi, welcome on board ;)


Thanks for coming to Corporatopoly. The board game is entering its second round of Alpha test phase and you have the opportunity to help in its development. Any feedback on the game, its play procedure, rules, themes, design, or other, will be greatly appreciated. 


Corporatopoly is intended to be open-source, both in collaboration and custodianship. If you are interested in being part of the Corporatopoly community, please send an email to detailing how you would like to be involved and any skills you wish to add to the mix. As we are at an infantile stage, help is required in all areas, here are a few…legal, programming, blockchain development, social media, design, research, market research, geopolitical theory, …and many more.


Corporatopoly is intended to be a cyber entity, preferring not to be anchored by location or political system. In this way, the development and distribution can remain unfettered, yet will still pay its way within local economies. The development of this capacity is required early in the projects’ evolution, any assistance in this area will be greatly appreciated. 


‘Custodianship’ or ‘governance’ of the game is not yet developed and may evolve as contributors join the team. At this stage, there is no intention to create monetary value, so all efforts will be geared toward developing the game for its own sake. If at some stage a commercial product becomes viable, consideration will be given to those who have contributed to the development. Custodianship will be about the contribution to any and/or all aspects of the project as it evolves. 


That's all waaayy too serious, first of all, enjoy the game. :)


Recent Updates

25 March 2020 -

Updating the rules after testing. One of the big things we found is that under the previous rules it was possible to run out of money too fast and fall behind if you did not land on new communities. We also found that if you were trying to win by controlling 3/4 of the communities was difficult, hence we are coming up with more variation in the Elect card mechanic. 

We will be updating the rules and adding to this as time goes on. For now, stay safe and stay inside. 

13 April 2020 -

Responding to feedback around the visibility of the A4 print version, we will be changing some of the graphics, particularly to pick out detail of the inset boxes. We have also changed the number of communities issued at the commencement of the game, and criteria for survival (min 3 communities). 


To play the game, you will need one printed board (there is a 1 page A2 version and a 4 page A4 version), the printed Elect cards, Corporation cards, Bank cards, and LOW rule card. All of these can be found in the ZIP file below or on the main game page. Each player needs their own Player Piece and at least 30 player tokens. Ideally, these tokens are the same colour as your player piece, and can be as simple as a coloured square small enough to fit in one of the playing squares on the board. If you have coloured cardboard, cut squares at 1cm in size, and create a pyramid for you player piece. Alternately, use glass beads or coins, just make sure you can identify your tokens from any other players.


Game Setup

Once you have all the Components assembled, follow the following steps to set up the game:

  1. Shuffle all Elect Cards and place them face down on the green rectangle on the board. 


  2. Place all the Bank Cards face up in a pile on the 'Banks' rectangle on the board. 


  3. Place all Corporations Cards face up in a pile on the 'Corps' rectangle on the board. 


  4. Fold up and place the LOW Card on the LOW rectangle on the board.


  5. Each player makes sure they have 1 player piece, and 30  player tokens of the same colour.    

  6. Each player receives $5 billion in cash from the Federal Deserve Bank.

  7. Throw a dice to determine who begins first. Play proceeds clockwise from that player. Upon first turn, each player chooses a country, and populates that country with four tokens on any squares in the outer ring (Peoples Way) , and one token in the "Governor" position in the second ring (Democracy Drive) . If playing with 2 players, place additional 5 player tokens around the board. If 3 players, additional 4 tokens, 4 players - extra 3 tokens, 5 players - extra 2 tokens, 6 players - 1 extra token. (maximum of 2 tokens per country other than your own)

  8. You are all ready to go! Start from the Elect square in your country. 


Gameplay Sequence

How to Win

1. Develop democratic support over more than half of the board, or 

2. Eliminate all other players. or

3. Earn $1tn (one trillion dollars, $1,000,000,000,000)


Peoples Way

(outer ring)

Make your way around the board, gathering community leadership support which is signalled by laying your player token in any community which you land in. Claim $500mn, if you have a majority in that square. 

If you land on an "Elect"card, play the card as per instructions on the card, hold the card, or redeem it for $1bn. Place your token also and collect $500mn (only if you have majority in that square)

If you land on a 'parliamentary door', upon your next turn you may proceed to Democracy Drive (second ring) counting your first space at the corresponding parliamentary door in that country. 


Democracy Drive

(second ring from outside)

On Democracy Drive, you will have the option to buy representative seats in the parliament, or you gain your seats via majority community leadership (you must land on seats in any country you wish claim, then either purchase, or, claim via majority community leadership). When you have a majority representation in any one country, you take control of that countrys parliament. Place a player token in the "Governor" square (centre inset). 

Control of any Governor position allows you access to draw down $50bn from that countrys' Reserve Bank. 

Corporate Row

(third ring from outside)

Any time a double is thrown, a player can move to Corporate Row. This can also be done buy paying $20bn at the start of any turn.

LOW (Leader Of the World)

To become LOW, you must be complete three turns in Corporate Row, then pay your way in ($50bn). 

Rules for LOW on card. 

At the start of each player's turn, follow these steps based on your situation in the game. 

Basic Play Sequence  

1. Collect cash (if you own Corporations)

2. Throw dice and move (LOW does not move). When moving in Corporate Row, you can choose to move spaces to the value of either dice, or the collective value, and in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. 

3. Action. Pick up, and/or play a card. If on Peoples Way, Democracy Drive and Corporate Row, you have one action play. If you become LOW, you have two. 

Play sequence possibilities are described in greater detail below. 


Special Rules

There are three rings on the Corporatopoly board. On the outside, is People's Way, next in is Democracy Drive, followed by Corporate Row. The circle in the centre is the highest level of control, Leader of the World (LOW). Below are the special rules for landing on and interacting between the three rings.

People's Way

Movement around People's Way is clockwise and a player takes the value of two dice rolled to determine how many spaces to move. When you land on a square in People's Way, you claim leadership by placing  a player token in that square. If you have gained the majority support of that community (having the most markers there), you gain $500M.  You can have multiple player tokens on a square as well as those of different players. The player with the most tokens on a square in People's Way at any one time is considered to have the majority Support in that community square.

Elect Card 

Landing on a square with a tick mark on it allows you to draw a card from the Elect Pile. This card can be played immediately, held, or redeemed for $1bn. Refer to information on the cards to discover play possibilities. 



Democracy Drive

You can move to Democracy drive from People's Way in three ways.

1. Enter via a parliamentary door, at the start of any turn, if you are on one of the door squares. Start counting your next move at the corresponding door on Democracy Drive  

2. If you pay $5bn electioneering costs to gain a representative seat, and that triggers a majority in the parliament, you may move to the governor position and claim it with a player marker. 

3. If you gain leadership of 4 communities, you are automatically able to claim the Governor position. Move to Governor position and  place a player marker. 

To return to Peoples Way, you may move through a parliamentary door during any move, counting the square on Democracy Drive, then next counting at the corresponding door on Peoples Way. 

Democracy Drive offers an option as to how you move.  There are 3 Democracy spaces and 1 Governor space in each country. Moving along you may decide to land on the Governor space or not. See the example below when Player throws a 3 and entering into Korea:  


Landing on any square in Democracy Drive allows you to buy that 'Seat', or claim it if you have the majority representation for that country on Peoples Way. Claiming a seat earns $5bn, and claiming a Governor seat earns $10bn. To buy a seat on Democracy Drive when you don't have majority community support on Peoples Way, pay $3bn lobbying costs. To buy the Governor Seat costs $20bn in kickbacks to local business owners. Represent your seat by placing your player marker on that square.

Control of the 'Governor' seat, allows you to draw down from the reserve bank of that country. If you lose control the Governor Seat, you lose control of the monies you have drawn from the reserve bank, and it must be immediately replaced. 

The treasury holds $50BN and can be drawn down as a lump sum during any turn. 


Corporate Row

You can move to Corporate Row any time you roll a double. Move to any Bank Square on Corporate Row. Roll again, and choose one of the two values, or the collective value. You may move either left or right.To move out of Corporate Row, throw a double, or pay $10bn legal costs. Exit to any position square on Democracy Drive. 

When landing in a square on Corporate Row (apart from the initial Bank Square you choose to start on), you have to either pay the tariff cost of that Corporation (or Bank) or buy it if it is unowned. If it is owned by another player, you must pay the tariff cost. If you cannot, see special rule HERE

The tariff and cost are represented by the numbers on the edge (Left = Purchase Cost, Right = Tariff, in $bn) of the board corresponding to that Corporation or Bank. When paying the tariff to an unowned Corporation or Bank, the money is placed under the board at the edge spot of that Corporation or Bank. 

Place a player token on the Corporation square at the edge of the board to indicate its yours.

To buy a Corporation, pay the amount and take that Corp card from the stack. You now own that Corporation and can use it as an ACTION during phase 4. See HERE on how Corporation Cards work.

At any time during your turn or if you need money, you can attempt to sell your Corporation to any player. You must both come to an agreement on the sale price.  



Elect Cards

You can choose to play 1 Elect Card per ACTION. Some can be used one time only, (as per left card), or held for an ongoing effect (right). Once you use an Elect Card, you must return it to the bottom of the Elect Card pile.

Ongoing effect cards need to be played once as an ACTION, but then continue to work for as long as the player is holding them. (Place it somewhere face up in front of you)

Claiming versus Populating

Some cards will allow you to either claim or populate a community or Democracy square

Populating a square means you are placing one of your player tokens in that Square. Remember, you only gain the $500mn when you gain majority leadership in a community square. 

Claiming a square means you choose the Player with the Majority of tokens in that square and replace all their markers with your own. If a square has no player tokens, you can still claim that square, but it would have the same effect as populating that square

Imprisoning and Releasing community leaders

Some cards and effects will allow you to either imprison or release community leadersImprisoning a community leader means that token is moved the Jail section for that country.  

Releasing a community leader means returning the player marker to any community square in their country. 

Corporation Cards

Corporation Cards can be played as one of your ACTIONS. The way Corporations interact are represented on the cards. The segments around the icons indicate a value of 1, 2, or 3 power bars 

Here is Sore Civic as an example:


1. Industry or sector which has collaborative interaction with this Corporation. 

2. Natural resources or materials which support or interact with this corporation.

3. The name of this Corporation.

4. Action which can be played during any turn, (is additional to collecting tariff). 

In this example 1 bar with food industry, 2 bars for prisons, and 2 bars for banana resource. 


When you choose to play a Corporation you can do one of two things.

  •  Use corporation to start earning from communities 
    Place Corporation card on board between Peoples Way and Democratic Drive. That corporation now earns money from the communities in that country. The basic tariff must be payed by the all players who have player tokens in that country. 

  • If a player has another corporation (or bank) which works with the card being played, the tariff is multiplied accordingly. 

  • For example, Sore Civic exploits bananas as a resource at 2 power bars. If this card is played into a country whose resource is bananas (Guatemala) the tariff goes up 2x. If that person also holds a corporation which has a food industry effect, the tariff rises another 1x. The power bars add together, i.e. 1 basic tariff, plus 2 for bananas, plus 1 for food industry - 

              $2bn, plus 3x basic tariff ($6bn) = $8bn tariff, to be paid by all players in that country. ​

Important Rules about Corporation Cards

  1. A player can have a maximum of  2 Corporations active in a country at any one time

  2. A country can only have 3 Corporations drawing from it at one time




To become the Leader Of the World (LOW), pay $50bn electioneering costs during your move phase, and only if no other player is currently LOW. Move  your Player to the centre of the board.








Your divisive election campaign alienates 50% of your support base. Remove every second of your community leaders from the board, and relinquish all your Elect Cards to the bottom of the Elect pile.

You must hold the position of LOW for three turns minimum, after which you may either pay $20BN or if you cannot, lose all your cash and move to the Jail section for two turns (You still keep any Corporations you own, but any that are currently drawing from a country will be returned to you.


During those two turns in jail, all your play phases except for phase 6 is skipped, so if you do not have the support of at least two communities when you go to Jail, you will be removed from the game. After those two turns, you must move to any supporting community square on People's Way and start your turn as normal.


While you are the LOW if any two or more players have the support of at least 80% of the communities (32 communities) or one player has the support of at least 60% (24 communities) those players or player may choose to unanimously depose you. That means you would go to Jail for three turns. After those three turns, all the remaining players must choose to either remove you from the game or allow you to go back to People's Way. If so, all your cash is retained, but you lose your Corporation Cards

LOW can use 2 Action cards. Roll dice and go to the action listed on the LOW folded booklet. You may also have 1 extra Corporation operating in any country, for a total of 4, but as soon as you stop being the LOW, you have to return one of the extra Corporations Cards and any Boosters attached to it to your area. 

Special Rules for LOW

There are some special rules associated with some Elect Cards and Corporations, as well as being the LOW, listed below:

  1. Imprisoning a Community: This means that the targeted community can no longer generate wealth for corporations, does not count towards the total number of communities for their supporter for the purposes of gaining community power, but still count towards the player whom they support required 2 minimum supporting communities. 

  2. Killing off a Community: This means the support from that community to everyone is lost. Remove all Support Markers from that square. 

  3. Kill off the population of an oil-rich country: All communities of an oil-rich country (a country with the oil barrel symbol) are killed off as per rules above.  

  4. Running out of money: In this game, it can be easy to run out of money if you are not careful. Especially if you dip into the treasury of a country only to have it taken away from you by another player. If you ever run out of money, you have essentially two turns to make it back through normal play or you can attempt to sell what you have to other players. Anything you own can be sold, from Support Markers (swap your Marker with the other player's), to Elect Cards, to Corporations and Banks. The only thing that cannot be sold is your position as LOW. It is up to the two of you to decide on how much you sell anything. 

  5. Paying Tariff: Whenever you land on a Corporation or Bank in Corporate Row and you cannot afford the buy cost, you must pay the tariff amount. This will either go to the player owning that Corporation or Bank, or will go to Corporation or Bank and placed under their edge location on the side of the board. When a player gains control of that Corporation or Bank in the future, they gain control of all money there as well

  6. Specific resource mention: Some effects (such as the one mentioned above) will refer to a specific resource. These can be seen between Democracy Drive and the Corporate Row of a country. Resources are exploited by Corporations. To prevent exploitation of that resource, an opposing player must have the Majority Support of at least 4 communities in that country or 3 squares in Democracy Drive of that country.









Geothermal Energy



Bank Cards

There are four Banks in Corporatopoly that you can own. Just like Corporations, they have a tariff and buy cost. When you land on one you need to pay the tariff or buy them, just like a Corporation. Some Corporations have added bonuses if you own a bank and some Corporations give added bonuses to bank profits.

Banks are considered the golden goose of this game and something you try and get if you are going for a financial victory. To show just how banks exploit communities, they automatically exploit the two countries that border them. For example, Douche Bank exploits Korea and Vietnam automatically. This means, that if you own Douche Bank, you will get the following amount of money at the start of your turn:

The number of communities that support a player multiplied by the number of banks you own, adding any boosts from corporationsmultiplied by $5BN. This is calculated for BOTH countries and added to your money. So if you owned just Douce Bank, and Korea has 3 active communities with Vietnam having 2 and you have a Corporation that gives +1 to bank profits, you would get:

3 X (1+1) X $5BN = $30BN from Korea and
2 X (1+1) X $5BN = $20BN from Vietnam at the start of each of your turns after buying Douche Bank!

You can see that owning multiple Banks would mean you would get to a financial victory quite fast.