Care and respect for our fellow beings and environment.

Corporatopoly explores the connections between global exploitation and corporate greed, facilitated by the interaction of the financial system with politics.

Can the current system be a little better? Its hard to put a finger on it, particularly when thousands of experts across every discipline proclaim to have better understanding of how things can be managed and improved. No'one' is responsible, no'one' is culpable, no'one' is acting in bad faith. We all do what we can to fulfil our lives, so every'one' is to blame. and no'one' is responsible.

Debate and protest over climate change is moot. Whilst global military budgets annually are in the trillions, their function is ultra-destruction, and their carbon footprint is the greatest of any global industry, then the mass hysteria is off target, Whilst chemical companies are wiping out insect and plant species on a daily basis, communications companies are jamming the airwaves with ever increasing radiation, oil companies are destroying entire ecosystems, then there is no point in forming some sort of collective hissy fit against a broad phenomenon which may well lead to our extinction, when the simple truth is that mankinds’ greed both provides the destructive processes, and denies responsibility for its creation or cure. The manner by which the focus has been deflected to nebulous terms, (global warming, climate change) and whipped into a frenetic state where suddenly everyone can take a righteous position, yet still be completely ineffective against it, is working perfectly for those who are benefitting from the greed mill. Big business and politics have no interest whatsoever or even need for acknowledgement, unless feigning public image or providing election promises, in providing practical steps toward minimising the harm under their control. Whilst the financial benefit of selected individuals is fed by the industries whose viability relies on political tolerance, there is no incentive for politicians to make decisions with benefit to anything other than themselves. The era of self responsibility is upon us, and somehow the link between business needs to be reined in.

Corporatopoly focuses on three main areas of parody, US foreign aggression, capitalist greed, and the excesses of the financial sector, then in turn offers an alternate mode of administration. The three areas of focus are merely part of a puzzle which is as complex as life itself. To that end the three areas are treated as individual targets, as the contributing complexities of each are immense, and the nature of that complexity is such that it blurs the focus if not given as singular targeted issues.

US Mafia

To simplify the complex nature of the US power structure, let’s consider each of the power brokers as mafia families. 

The Agri family is made up of the Cargils, Archer Daniels, and the Monsantos. These families control the creation and distribution of foods. Farmers are locked into supply agreements, which in turn compel them to use specified products, which must be supported by the specified nutritional regime, forming a closed loop which rotates the production cycles within the family. 

The Pharma family, made up of the Johnsons, the Pfizers, the Bayers, and the Roches. These families mooch around the fringes of universities waiting for development of new technologies, which they pirate into products they can lock into a patent, then distribute at costs many multitudes higher than the production and R&D costs combined, 

The Fed family, made up of the Rothschilds, the Rockerfelers, the Morgans. These families control the creation and supply of US dollars.  For every dollar printed, then in turn, loaned to the government, the family receive a percentage of the money created, now just sit back n crank up the printing press, don’t ya just love the smell of money in the morning.

The Banker family, made up of the Chases, the Goldman-Sachs, the Warburgs, These families control the movement of dollars outward into the network of smaller banks. At each point of redistribution, a higher rate of exchange creates income which flows back up to the Banker family who then get to work on how to create additional charges and false accounts in order to swell their free money supply.   

The Petro family, made up of the Shells, the Chevrons, the Texacos, the Exxons. These families are involved in the discovery, extraction, refining, and distribution of petroleum based products. Due to the environmental damage which occurs at each stage of their industry, vast amounts of money must be spent through the Media family to beguile the gormless consumer into believing energy companies are helping the environment. 

The Media family, the Bloombergs, the Betlemans, and the Bezos. These families create and distribute news which they consider worthy of distribution to their networks. The news they create is carefully crafted to reflect the views of their corporate advertiser family friends, and must go to extraordinary lengths walking a tightrope between the known reality and a palatable smudging of the truth. whilst not offending all the other main families in the US mafia. 

Then we have the battle to keep the families in check, the Govern family, so to speak.  These are the Senate family, the Congress family, the Republican family, and the Democrat family. Their job is to maintain order, make sure the families are acting within the bounds of the law, and if necessary, make amendments to ensure their actions are cannot be prosecuted within the law. 

Above all of these, yet intimately connected amongst all, is the Deep State family. They are both the black sheep of the family, and the matriarch. They are the debonair cousins, and the sneaky siblings. They are each family’s ears and eyes, connected to the strings and triggers. They are neither answerable to any other family, nor required to show constraint as to how they administer mafia family funds. They are the good ol boys, looking after peace, harmony, and the American way. 

These are a bunch of the major families, though the list could continue. Each family is carefully going about their business in order to maintain the hierarchy, and ensure other families are not overstepping their core business. That core business is maintaining steady revenue for all families, drawing from the global schmucks(common people) who have no choice but to submit to the mobsters. Much worse, the schmucks are not aware they are being shafted by the most elaborate pyramid scheme humanity may ever be a part of. 

Occasionally the schmucks will wise up to the mafias methods, mobilise, and look to interrupt the scheme. This is where the Wise Guys step in. They take the form of the Army, Air Force, and Navy. They will act on behalf of the mafia, fulfilling missions to decimate any dissenting groups, be they counties, countries or continents, without questioning their mission, nor apologising for the genocide and eco-destruction they perform. 

To see how the mafia functions in harmony, take an example of a small country with assets which the mafia wishes to exploit. Lets call the country, Patsy. First the mafia needs to organise a strategy which will cloak the upcoming invasive act. Generally the Deep State family will already have operatives in place who are familiar with Patsy’s customs and infrastructure. They will provide a strategy which fits a criteria of condemnation within a large schmuck group. Information will be passed through the Media family for distribution via their networks, in order to pour scorn on Patsy. Lets say its an issue of human rights and Patsy has a majority political group whose values do not align with a majority view of the schmucks. The Deep State family develops a dialogue with the Media family and headlines begin to appear. Once the schmucks are irritated by the issue, the Media family can fan the flames on the issue, developing a moral high ground on which the schmucks can feel indignant. At this point the Govern family will begin making noises also, which show their distaste for the the issue, and indicate they are prepared to "defend democracy, in the name of freedom". Sanctions can then be put in place to begin squeezing Patsy, destabilising their political environment, economy, and creating unrest with Patsys’ constituents. At this point all the other families wring their hands with delight as they rabble to impose themselves in Patsy. 

Corporate Greed

Often thought of, and legally described as, ‘legal persons’, a corporation enjoys greater rights than a human being, as it is founded on a principle of being not liable for its debts. It can borrow money from banks, or other investors, or its’ clients, then simply go insolvent if the debt burden becomes unstable. At which point, the owners of the corporation can simply walk away with no financial loss liable to the owners themselves. On the upside, they can issue ‘shares’ and if buyer confidence is high, the ‘value’ of the company shares can skyrocket. Take Facebook, incorporated in 2004, not long after startup funding of $500k, had further investment of $13m in 2006, then had a notional value of $10-15bn as it launched its share offer in 2012, after which the corporations value spiked to $104bn. Effectively, a value of $103,986,500 has been divined from the confidence of human ‘investment’, and this divined sum has now been added to the growing pile of human ‘wealth’. Yet only the early investors gained substantially from the 7000x growth of their initial investment. To many, those numbers will seem fictional, as they can only dream of investing $500, then 8 years later that money has swollen to $3,500,000, it is literally like winning the lottery.  

So if we couple the greed, nascent in human beings, to the self-seeking apparatus of a corporation, the hybrid has the privilege of a soul-less wealth attractor, legally protected against any of the basic principles held dear as a human being. Herein lies the mode of the contemporary juggernaught, servile to its masters for wealth creation, and impenetrable to any sense of humanity.  

Financial System

Privatise profit, democratise debt. Its that simple, yet the complex network of mechanisms  behind this phrase are immense. Put simply, the finance system must be maintained, by the political system, at any cost, and the taxpayer will pick up the tab. Governments will act as the ultimate backstop for any level of acrobatics performed by financial institutions as it develops ever increasing ways of repackaging toxic debt, ‘quantitative easing’ (printing money), debt peonage of developing nations, or by facilitating the “poorer you are, more you pay” interest loans. And when the banking industry mechanisms have been pushed well beyond their artificial limits and fail, governments ‘bail out’ the banks, which is to say, pour vast amounts of hard earned taxes into the banking system. Is there any other industry which is writing its own rules, regulating itself, creating toxic processes which circumvent its own charter, then once it is found to be at fault, re-writes its rulebook, claims bonuses for doing so, then begins the process of deceit over again? 

The combination of these three complex mechanisms is only a small part of a complex global dynamic, hence the attempt to pick out large mechanisms, then simplify them as much as possible. The intent is to bring attention to their collaborative affect, in order to highlight the overall societal impact.