• John McG

Why Dreams are a Wonderful Thing

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

My sense is that dreams are the subtle connection to the cosmoverse, with which we have no ongoing cognitive relationship, just stolen moments of mystifying interaction.

The cosmoverse being a john word which ties up a notion of cosmic energy, with universal consciousness.

Cosmic energy being the underlying stuff which quantum physicists are getting their undies in a bunch trying to figure out, so that it can be put into everyday terms palpable to the layman. It’s the extension of the chaos theory where the beat of the butterfly wing on one side of the planet contributes to a full-force hurricane on the other, so that it encompasses the quantum field, whereby all energy, all matter, all bonds, across the entirety of the universe, have effect upon all other and each other.

Universal consciousness being the combined consciousness of all things, human, animal, plant, mineral, on this planet and beyond, having the capacity to ‘sense’ each other, and contribute to the common pool of knowledge possessed by the whole. The rock which has made its’ way from the bottom of the ocean, thrust up over time, exposed by the abrasion of tectonics, then weathered by eternity, holds within its self, the history of our planet, and maintains within itself the latent atomic power which if utilised with sufficient aplomb, may enlighten us all. We hold our consciousness to be well in advance to that of this rock, yet struggle to postulate the possibility of the combined awareness as an entity which is able to be shared amongst all. I see universal consciousness as a boundless pool of potential, which is open for business, anywhere, anytime, for anyone who wishes to make an enquiry.

The utility of the dream is in allowing the cosmoverse to point out our folly, fears, and fantasies, whilst our bodies are effectively paralysed in time. Thought is given a free pass to check its’ ideas in the open field of possibility, without the impediment of cognitive boundaries. Our fettered self limitation takes a break, as we journey into the abstract realm of no-limits absurdity. Barely cognitive waking thoughts can continue beyond the restrictions of consciousness, to the extents of wonder, bumping up against the fairies and dragons which are not safe to be reckoned with by the waking mind. In doing so, within the safe space of slumber, we can rationalise our entire existence, and I wager, we do. We settle the imbalances of our life, against the ledger of possibility, on a playing field which is generally obscured from view.

This is why I like to grab hold of my dreams and examine the ops. To peruse the palpably improbable reveals hidden treasures which can inform one’s waking life. The simple act of reciting the dream often sets off a realisation for me, or at the very least, encourages examining parts of my life which are being overlooked or ignored. The web provides endless interpretations of dream symbolism, allowing for easy reference to make sense of what is otherwise, nonsensical. Oddly enough, it seems to dovetail in with analysis of metaphysical health interpretations, hinting that the cosmoverse watches over more than just dreams.

And a note of caution. The notion of being awake is being hijacked by the term ‘woke’, a hip term denoting one’s awareness of their own privilege. Being awake, conscious, or simply doing your everyday thing, is very different to gouging a chunk out of ones own inequities, then projecting that onto others. The trend toward privilege shaming lays out the nightmare to come. This ‘2020 Inquisition’ is gathering heat as zombies of virtue spear their index fingers into the misaligned morality of their neighbour. To label this practice with a moniker hinting at some new brand of super-consciousness is paradoxical to say the least, and much more akin to the jumbled craziness of life inside the dream.

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