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The Law is an ass, with many holes.

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

That thought came to me as I was throwing together ideas for Corporatopoly and pondering a possible confrontation with law, should any widespread recognition of the game eventuate.

This is also my first blog. I am not a writer of any acclaim, nor ...anything really, I'm a carpenter by trade. I have written a few travel stories as a way of diarising dour adventures as I moped around third world countries in an effort to hide from the economic realities of the world. The stories were a mode of connection to friends and family which needed to cater to the varied audience in a way which is acceptable to all readers, whilst at the same time create some sort of smokescreen for the truth - that being, my travel was more escapism than exploration. Oddly tho, as a process, then as now, it is a great way to vomit thought as a barometer of the moment, and to draw out thought in a long form, as the process of writing is itself, an exploration.

I've had a legal epiphany recently as a result of being dragged into testifying in the High Court on a civil case concerning leaky building issues. In preparation for the hearing, our team met to compare notes and formulate a plan ...or so I thought. Turns out that rather than channelling all the relevant information into some sort of narrative, it was translated into legalese. Looking back I should have expected this, but at the time I felt completely lost as the consequent stages of the process revealed themselves. My recollections of the circumstances being described, began to morph into a whole new paradigm. What had been a blend of 1-10 order of importance events, became restructured and rationalised in a manner completely foreign to me.

Similarly, I may have recently borne witness to the evolution of law whilst on a sojourn to the Cook Islands. It seems the system there is deep into a process of moving from a customary family ownership arrangement, to a legally described western-style land ownership structure. The savvy and the greedy on the island who were quick to grasp the new legal structure, are able to ankle-tap the old way land would be distributed amongst families, and be first to the courthouse to grab it all for themselves. It seems colonisation has not yet fully run its course.

Now as I look forward despairingly to my role in the High Court proceedings, I ponder the value of my contribution, I wonder if my new reality fits with this odd world, and then can do little to stop myself from daydreaming into a situation whereby I pronounce to the opposing legal counsel, "'you're an arsehole, and the law is shite". Then I pause to wonder why I go off track. Is it due to the unease which came with the new paradigm knowing that I have no fit with that realm? Is it due to the fresh ground where Corporatopoly is taking root as I seek to create a decentralised platform anchored by neither jurisdiction nor geography? Or is it just my continuing contempt for authority which formed as a wayward teenager?

The law, particularly beyond criminal law, appears to me to have sprouted with good intentions. To fluff out the Jim Jeffries maxim - "try not to be a @&^#", but with ever increasing description, complexity, and contradiction. What was once a framework for fidelity, is now a morass of malcontent, wielded by the highest bidder, all looking to find a hole. Its like a net cast around society where the holes are pulling ever tighter, as the discharge of precedents force the matrix to bind up on itself, stiffling opportunity for human decency to find accord on its own. That said however, I sometimes struggle with the idea of dealing with my neighbour without conjuring up a scenario which involves them beaten down and succumbing to my will, so clearly a set of mutually understood principles is necessary to prevent me from doing so. Hmmmm…its weird.

Anyway, all I wanted to do was claim the expression used in the title …mission complete :)

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