• John McG

The Guardin' of Even

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

So, at the eleventh hour, Nett looked upon all of the shiny devices, and all of the binary programming, and said “it is adequate, but to know this can support multi-platforming digitally, let’s run some social experimentation with broad interaction variables.”

Early adopters were the children, Ava and Ed. Nett told them they were welcome to browse all the root directories but one, the directory of virtue and filth. If they chose to enter that root directory, they would be de-platformed.

Nett said to Ava and Ed, “Search not of the content of virtue and filth, search only for your friends or those who support your views.” However the children knew of others, with better devices, and better access, and greater opportunity, and how unfair this was. They asked Nett to upgrade the algorithm, but instead, he created political correctness. Now, all platforms had to police their content, in order to dictate the idea of parity.

One day when Ava and Ed were browsing, the Ssystm opened up back-door access to the root directory of virtue and filth. “Check this shiz” he said, “You deserve better. I’ll give you unbridled access, and the power to deadshame anyone you please, without repercussions.” Ava was always on the skeez for better content, so went down the rabbit hole right away, and was woke. Ed resisted, saying, “Nett will be pissed if he finds out”. However, as soon as Ava spoke to Ed of the trolls posting transphobic rhetoric, ze was hooked. Ed too dove into the content of the root directory of virtue and filth, however, now woke also, felt it necessary to cover themselves. Ed set up a VPN, then set about creating fictitious accounts from which to secrete all their searches from Nett.

Nett now saw that the children were running VPNs, and came looking for them. He emailed the children, demanding an audience with them. The children were afraid, and ran to hide from Nett, but the surveillance footage traced their every step. Nett checked the browser history, and realised the children could now have knowledge of his selling search-based data to corporates, his collusion with western superpowers, and penchant for pornography. Nett asked the children, “why did you surf the forbidden root directory?” To which Ed replied, “the Ssystm allowed it.” Nett said they were both to be canceled immediately, and banished to an eternity of face to face interactions. “And I will put enmity between you, and you shall live out your days bickering with each other about your privileges and insufficiencies.”

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