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God, Bless America

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

A recent comment by Trump, in response to his absence from the burial of John Lewis, was along the lines of, “Well, he didn’t come to my inauguration”. Does this indicate his wee brain has been masticating on the reality behind his “biggest crowd at an inauguration” delusion all this time? It does seem odd that he could cognitively deceive himself into believing the crowd sparsity on that fateful day was anything other than pitiful, given he would’ve been familiar with the exultant throng attendant for Obama. However, it’s not so difficult to understand it as the articulation of a fragile, wounded ego that cocoons itself inside a fantasy, to shield itself from the hurtful rejection and broad-scale social snub that event entailed.

What flaw of morality allows a person so clearly unfit for leadership to be trusted with the ultimate position of power? The role of US president has been in steady decline over the past half century. Nixon was caught out in his lies, and walked away from the job in order to prevent being disgraced. Reagan was doddery, but able to lean on his acting skills to cover for his lack of acuity. Clinton was a rogue who was charming enough to be able to lie his way out of any misdeed. Then there’s G-Dubbleya, a school dropout, alcoholic, and coke fiend, all carefully stitched behind the face of a halfwit. Some would even go as far as to summarise Obama as the ultimate hypocrite, the great hope for America, a statesman, a diplomat, a thinker, but who also rained down a greater quantity of ordinance upon foreign countries than any other president in history. And now…a man whose distorted ego reveals so many pathological inequities that it has mesmerised the populace into considering his behaviour is in some form deliberate, or considered.

Corruption, falsehood, deliberate and desperate deception, drug addled, hypocrisy, and sociopathy are now the CV credits required to fill the position of US president. Gone is any expectation of statesmanship, integrity, or leadership, let alone courage of conviction. At some stage, surely this circumstance is visible on various levels to the citizenry? Surely, with a small amount of thought, the situation must reveal itself as insufficient to the person on the street, and that person can see the government has become corrupt, complicit, and tyrannical? In parallel with elite wealth, the state of ‘The States’ has deteriorated to a selfish, self-obsessed cabal of cronies, hell bent on their own agendas and incapable of self-reflection. Will the population wake up to this function, or will it continue on its current trajectory of simmering self-destruction via increasing civil unrest?

In order for a US president to be so unfit for purpose, it surely only follows that the condition of the ‘state’ has deteriorated so significantly that all levels are prepared to accept an exemplar of its rot to the highest seat. This then falls upon the citizenry to take stock of their state, and with some urgency one would think. The breakdown of authority is creeping out of the universities, where students are using ideology to shout down administrators and blockade speakers who are deemed “unsafe”. Now, that struggle against authority has hit the streets in the new wave of protests, most of which hold the same moral outrage as a premise for action, whilst being little more that thinly veiled mob rule delinquency. The participants in the protests are banging the drum of oppression, which is a legitimate gripe, however they are confusing issues of ideology with the underlying structural inequities of the system itself. If the breakdown of authority on university campuses is any sort of gauge, America is in for a rough ride. In May 2017, the campus of Evergreen State College devolved into the same mob mentality, trope-based chaos, which is now spreading across the world with the BLM movement. The students, buoyed on by liberal ideologies, overran a weak leadership structure, and whipped themselves into a frenzy, all under the pretence of racially discriminant oppression. The principal of the college was not able to summon the courage to stand up against the fury of the mob, instead becoming compliant to group-think-based insults and demeaning instruction. “Silence is white violence” was perhaps the most startling catch-cry of the mob. This expression sums up the shutdown of civil civic debate that is characterising most of the current unrest. It also epitomises the indefensible nature of social justice rhetoric, which leaves no leeway for common decency within societal structure, and even less for common sense.

So where to from here, and can total collapse of order be avoided? Is the situation worsening, or are these the same patterns of behaviour, with the difference of being captured and disseminated by the new modes of media? It seems to me, as the nation prepares to choose between the lesser of two incompetents, the loaded dice are set to tumble once more, to deliver yet another unremarkable continuation of the rot. Awareness of the system as a whole appears to be obscured by the political pantomime, so the machine can probably turn out another cycle of silliness before the gears grind themselves to dust.

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