• John McG

"Fake Noos"?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The Bubba Wallace fiasco is a fine example of how the chant for equality is putting heat into the system which has been approaching boiling point for some time. The potential to push past boiling point is high, and the human cost will be immense. In a society with the highest global per capita gun ownership, frayed tempers and everyday disagreements will be settled in very abrupt fashion, and as the undercurrents of discord rise, the capacity for unity dies.

What is going on when social media ascends to the position of judge and jury, and what is the horizon if we stay that course? Of late, the buffer zone between the newsmakers and news consumers has narrowed, which may become more problematic. Formerly, the state run media was able to direct the narrative, which over time became propagandised, but at least it maintained a capacity to moderate the message in order to sanitise an issue if it had the potential to destabilise society. The social media era has no such filter, so any ‘news’ is quickly tried in the court of public opinion, which, as a phrase could be better said to be the “Kangaroo Court of Opinion”. Now, when something is misinterpreted, the rabble cries foul, and the suspect is dispatched as swiftly as the mobs reaction.

Sadly, I believe USA is on a crash course for the sort of tumult which is going to alter the understanding of the term ‘revolution’. Revolt has traditionally occurred when the ruling class had become so tyrannical that the underclass reacts violently to break the system of oppression, which consequently led to a change in power structure. In the modern leaderless and rudderless revolution, its the internal value structures of the individual, versus those same power structures of wealth linked political corruption which is fueling confusion and division, again.. This internal structure (ones own values) is being buffeted heavily by vicissitudes of social media, a phenomena which in evolutionary terms has barely begun. We are still dealing with post-religious confusions, the divided ideologies which were sprang out of post-religious thinking, and the smouldering embers of state led media distortions. To suddenly move to a media model where every individual on the planet now has the capacity to shape global thinking from the uncensored safety of their own lounge chair, is a giant leap. And when that media model is being fuelled the finger pointing of “the look at me” generation, getting high on self virtue, the weapons of revolt are going to be aimed in all directions. All this at a time when morality has evaporated from leadership, so the capacity to bring calm to the chaos has crashed.

So farewell America, see you on the other side of the tumult. If pride cometh before the fall, highly stoked American pride has been used to obscure crony capitalism behind a veil of self importance, so even as America toppleth, it knows little of its fall.

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