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Commencing Countdown

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I’ve had a nagging sense of ‘hit n run’ since publishing this website and referring to the issue of climate change as a moot point. Whilst I fully support the stated position, it is probably read at a glance as a dismissal of the climate change debate. It may seem contrary to the commonly accepted spectre of doom which has been foisted onto schoolchildren and corporations alike, and whipped into a frenzy that now has soaked deep into the collective psyche. Yet I feel my position is the positive stance, as the collectively held fear position serves only to create churn around the problem whilst deflecting from its origins, and prevents grasping the nettle as to its solutions.

My creation of this game was motivated by wanting to better understand the situation, to make sense of the debate, and to form a cohesive narrative which demonstrates my view. The more I looked at the debate, the more confused and disillusioned I became. Some may say that is due to all the effort which is going on to discredit the debate by the oil industry, or alternate media groups. For mine, the search for evidence ran into roadblocks, which set up a pattern of doubt in my mind. I was firmly of the belief we were all going down rapidly, that global warming was a runaway freight train, and global use of fossil fuels was the sole cause. As I began to focus on these ideas, I became aware of my own delusion, and launched on a journey of discovery to find more cohesive argument that could more accurately account for the state of the environmental destruction we are all contributing to.

Eventually my hard-line view of the debate dropped away and was replaced by a broader view of its causes, and a more critical view of its effects. Learning from the likes of Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, John Perkins, and many others, I began to see more than just the corruption rotting the system and began to see that the system is the rot. The ongoing process of developing law, governmental policy, and financial instruments, in order to proliferate a system which gives much to the few, by taking a little from the lot, only has one outcome… imbalance. Along the road to that imbalance, the process must be manipulated by its minions, distorted by its benefactors, and enabled by civic policy. This process has become increasingly greedy, and increasingly punitive on those not a part of it. The side effect of which has been multiple breakdowns in societal duty of care, one of which is the environment. Luckily for those in the system, the cry of the masses calling for change has been sufficient to haze the horizon, with the effect of creating yet another revenue stream by offering financial instruments to solve the problem. And this is where my view diverges from the debate.

I act in favour of the planet, and its inhabitants. My hope is that Corporatopoly can shine a broader light on some of the causal issues behind the exploitation of our planet. I have great trepidation on the eve of launching this to a public audience, wondering if I am being too harsh, unfair, or just plain cruel? Yet at the same time, I am driven by the imbalance which I perceive, and cannot not act. Here goes…

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