The Trillion Dollar Game

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The Trillion Dollar Game

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The Internet Of Voters proposes a fresh alternative for managing democracy which gives true representation to the voter, disconnecting crony politics from elite monetary influence.


“Nothing is f**ked here, Dude!” Walter Sobchek in ‘The Big Lebowski’



Everything is ok people, just carry on, we’ve got this. Our leaders are firmly in control, the economic system is performing, global warming ain’t real, and social media will raise your children for you. Relax! Maintain your 70hr work week, buy the latest gadget, and tune in to the latest tweet from the chief twit. 


It’s the message everyone wants to hear, ‘its ok’. And whilst Walter is a little coarse with his mode of pacification, his big selfish heart just wants assure “The Dude” that, either through a series of carefully orchestrated moves, or random blunt force, or dizzying decree, or divine intervention, everything will work out in their favour. Walter however, is a little affected still from his tours in Vietnam. He has a firm belief in his own infallibility, his strategic prowess, the impenetrable might of his nation, and the unwavering support of his newly conscripted faith. With all those qualities, Walter oozes the confidence of a pint-sized dictator, to face any challenge with steadfast belief that all opposing actors are shortsighted in their tenets, and operating from an ill-informed knowledge base, therefore they will be overcome.  


Meanwhile, The Dude is more zen. Life has its ups n downs, strikes n gutters, so let it roll. With a White Russian in one hand, and reefer in the other, the external world exerts no lamentable pressure on his daily experience, so he is free to bumble down the road of least resistance, never needing to consider any higher order aspects which may be exerting influence on his path. 


This dichotomy is one of the cornerstones Corporatopoly ventures to examine, governance vs autonomy. Where the successes and failures of each, are contributing to each others proliferation and/or exploitation. Where humanity is blissfully bounding forward as one, versus knowingly pissing on its’ own rug. 

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